Sweaters with different faces

Few of us has that luck to survive winter in some hot places like Maldives, most of us stays in countries, where snow is normal thing.

Sweaters are important for our wardrobe, this article is dedicated to different sweaters, different styles and different you!

This look in soft pastels colors is gonna make you feel like a princess in Cotton Candy kingdom.  With longer coats better wear strait silhouette skirts, it looks great, and it’s more comfortable!

Untitled #25

Untitled #25 by knnv featuring a pencil skirt

Street Styler
In this I’ve tried to combine look for routine day as a weekday. Very comfortable and cool! Last year trend was beanie now it’s fedora hat! 
Untitled #24

Untitled #24 by ksfeaturing a black hat

I love combining sporty looks, because it’s the most me! It looks amazing on every kind of girl and it’s very comfortable!


19 by knnv featuring a mango skirt

Day in the office or in school, try for a change cool shape of sweater, for example like this(off shoulder type). It will light up your outfit!

22 by knnv featuring a black knit sweater

This kind of sweater is great for a day off with friends or for a one day trip to some great city like Berlin or Milano.
Untitled #23

Untitled #23 by knnv featuring a black backpack

I hope it’ll be kinda inspirational for you!



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