X File: Trends 1

Trends Report 1 Hi and welcome to Furore Mag! This is our new series of articles. X File: Trends is about trends, cool things you can buy online. Let’s go to lot one.

  Roll-Up Clutches 
Why? They look like bags from fast food and if it’s made in leather, it’ll look like combining luxury plus misery. That’s very cool!

Buy hereor here
Lip tints are really great if you need colour and if you don’t make mess with lipsticks, great for parties! My favourite:

Buy here
 Must-have since winter is in the middle and it’s very tough outside. Now in the this great discount time, you can find great ones for affordable price. Visit the nearest shopping mall

Buy here

Youtube Inspiration 
Two channels I feel obsessed with
  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxANYxgMTfJp3ZE8opnvJvQ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgWfS_47YPVbKx5EK4FLm4A

Men Fashion Weeks 
It needs attention, cuz there is so many inspiration, I want to cry. Really I love suits! Suits! Suits! Suits!



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