This post is a collaboration with one of my best friends, Whitney from Katy Goes Boom! I will be covering a guide for straight and wavy hair, and she will be talking about curly hair. Check out her post here!

Look, I don’t want to tell you how to live your life, but basically you need to stop washing your hair so much. You are wasting valuable moments of your precious little life messing around with shampoo, conditioners, and blow-outs. Consider all the benefits of cutting down to two shampoos or less per week:

1. You use less shampoo and conditioner, so you can really invest in some nice stuff instead of blowing through Pantene like there’s no tomorrow
2. Washing your hair makes your color fade faster. Less washing = more fabulous color = less trips to the hairdresser (or hair dye aisle)
3. You’ll use less water. Buy yourself something nice with all the money you’ll be saving!
4. You’ll save tons of time! All you have to do is give it a little zhuzh before you leave the house. No need to go into full blowout mode!

So I’m going to give you a little tutorial and how to do that zhuzh with a few simple tools and about 5 minutes. Remember, if you have curly hair check out this tutorial instead!

Basically, just start doing this every day as part of your morning routine. You will notice that your hair doesn’t actually need to be washed every day. You could probably immediately start doing twice a week, and cut down to once a week or less as your scalp starts producing less oil.

So here’s what ya need:

A natural bristle brush (i.e. boar bristles) 
A synthetic bristle brush that you don’t care a lot about 
Dry shampoo (my recommendations here!) 
A nice hair oil (I like these by Ojon and Alterna
Your blowdryer 

1. Comb through your hair with a natural bristle brush to help distribute some of the oils.
2. Pull your hair into a top knot and go take a shower, you filthy animal! I don’t use a shower cap and I don’t think they’re really necessary. You’ll probably get your hair a little damp, but don’t worry about it! We’ll take care of that in the next step.

3. Dry any dampness from your shower with your blowdryer. If your baby hairs tend to curl or do weird things in the night, wet them down and dry them also.
4. Go at it with the dry shampoo! Lift up 1″ – 2″ sections of hair along your part and hairline and spray with the bottle about 8″ – 12″ from your head. You will look like Sweeney Todd. It will be okay, I swear.

5. Since you won’t be washing your hair every day anymore, you also won’t be conditioning it. To keep your hair from getting dry, apply a dime-size amount of hair oil from your ears down to your ends, paying special attention to the ends.
6. Use a brush you don’t care about to brush out the dry shampoo. That thing is going to get dirty!

Now you can do whatever you want with your hair! Leave it natural, straighten it, curl it, whatever. I like to curl mine with a 1 1/2″ wand.

Your hair will look fantastic and no one will know it’s dirty! Cheers to that!

Now you can take all the glamour shots you want!



  1. This is so true! I wash my hair about once every ten days and have done for the last decade or so. It is in the best condition ever. It was limp and awful when I washed it more often. People should absolutely do this.


  2. Oh I wish I can do this, but here with the tropical humidity, it's a must to have my head wash if not to shampoo but to keep it cool. Your hair looks superb, and I'll definitely wash my hair less during the cool rainy days. Amazing blog!! =D xx

    missreverie | Fashionista NOW


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