The Styling Problem

Every Saturday for me is the tradition to see what’s new on Lookbook. As always today I was thinking about why all the people can’t dress like this. I know some of them don’t even care, some of them create fashion blogs(1). But it can’t change a thing that they can’t style the precious thing they have, themselves.

For every kind of human being (it doesn’t depend if he or she cares about clothes or not) wearing something is the mirror to their soul. Judging is bad. But we all judge at first time we see a stranger.

When I have to talk with person who wears ugly shoes, I cry inside my head

For all who is having styling problem: Try to give Lookbook and Polyvore a chance to be in your weekly routine. For whose who don’t have a time, try to find a personal shopper.

Remember one thing your outfit is not just for not being cold or embarrassed. Nowadays people want to do everything so fast, so they look at your clothes and in that time they know if they wants to have a deal with you or not

Have a nice day!

(1) Sorry, guys. Recently I’ve visiting a lot of fashion blogs where their owners can’t dress at all. I don’t have guts to even comment them.




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