Happy New Year! It’s first of January and everyone is crazy about making resolutions. Why everyone is so obsessed with starting new life with better self in one specific day.
“I won’t drink again” says very good friend of yours. I bet you’ll see him drinking shots this weekend. It’s my 20th January the 1st but I’ve never thought about reincarnation on this day. I don’t think it’s new beginning because there wasn’t no old end. People should understand there’s no need for reasons to change, just change what you want. 
Okay, since you, my relatives and everyone around the world have now ‘new’ life. I want to help you keep your resolution for ever.
Not just only artists need inspiration. Everyone needs it. Almost every teen has tumblr, there he/she reblogs all thing they like and it inspires them. Whatever your resolution is, you need motivation/inspiration to help yourself in hard times when you’ll think about to quit! 
For example you want to lose weight or be fit, you have to find some celebrities, icons and follow them. As bad as it might sounds, you’ll need to find incarnation of your dream, keeping it in your head is bad idea because it’ll be easier to quit (but if you quit after you find your icon, every time you’ll see her/him, you’ll be ashamed, and maybe  you will go back to losing weight again)
WARNING! Following someone is dangerous, try to not lose yourself.

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17 responses to “Resolutions

  1. Hey, I don't know if I said this to you in the other day when I visit your blog, but if you don't understand the text you can also translate it in the first item of the side bar! 😀 Hope I helped you,

    The Mercury


  2. I definitely am one of those people who keeps a “fitblr” and “studyblr” blog! It helps motivate me, yet stay true to myself.
    Thank you so much for your follow on Bloglovin!
    I followed you back, and I followed you on your other social media!
    Twitter @Samanthamgh and @LiveBrightBlog
    I love your content! Keep it up!
    Good luck!
    Samantha @


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